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  Pham clearly explains the distinctiveness of the Vietnamese cuisine, which relies on the layering of flavors, extensive use of aromatic herbs and nuoc mam (fish sauce), and the style of eating small pieces of meat or fish wrapped in lettuce or rice and dipped in sauces. The aim, always, is to keep the flavors separate.

The beautiful, authentic guide to Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Tran has transformed many of the most complex traditional dishes into new, simpler versions—tailored to the fast pace of America and the freshest ingredients from our local supermarkets. Vietnamese cuisine blends the visual excitement of the Japanese, the quick cooking techniques of the Chinese, the spiciness of the Thai, and the complexity and sophistication of seasonings and flavors of the French.

Lemongrass and Lime introduces modern Vietnamese cooking, as pioneered by Chef Mark Read at Bam-Bou in London. Recipes range from the traditional, such as Sour Green Mango Salad, Baked Fillet of Sole in Banana Leaf, and Pho Bo Beef and Noodle Soup, to the divinely decadent--Crispy Quail with Watercress and Tamarind or Chocolate and Lemongrass Tart.

This book is an introduction to a new generation for a delicious journey through Vietnamese cusisine.

Amidst the wonderful wealth of cuisines to be found in Southeast Asia, Vietnamese food has retained its own identity. For those who love Chinese and Thai food, Vietnamese cooking is the obvious next step in a culinary exploration of the Far East.


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